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The White House is on LOCKDOWN due to a suspicious package found near the grounds.

The Secret Service has cleared part of the White House grounds to investigate a suspicious bag after the man carrying it claimed to have a bomb, a Secret Service source tells Fox News.

The source said the man was outside the fence by the White House when he told officers he had a bomb in the bag. Officers apprehended the man, and are now inspecting the bag.

According to the Secret Service the package was found near the White House. and the North Lawn has been closed. Roads around the White House have also been closed.

The Secret Service also added that it had established a “security perimeter” and was moving press and the public to a “safe distance.”

This is the second time alarms have been raised at the White House this month. On March 10, an intruder was able to evade Secret Service while on White House grounds for 15 minutes before eventually being captured.

A California man carrying Mace roamed inside the secured White House perimeter before he was taken into custody near the South Portico entrance, the Secret Service acknowledged.

The man did not enter the White House, the agency said, without further explaining the delay in his capture or details about alarms, protocols or responses that may have failed.

President Donald Trump was in the residence at the time of the breach.

More on this as it develops.

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