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HAHAHA! What Do You Call a Basement Full of Liberals? [Click for Answer]

This is the best joke about liberals I’ve seen in a long time. It’s short, to the point, and so hilariously accurate!

The liberal joke went viral after the insane, politically correct, anti-Trump protest disguised as a “March for Science.” A social justice feminist warrior went ballistic when the word “female” was used in a tweet about the protest, encouraging women to enter STEM careers.

Using a scientifically-correct biological term to refer to a woman set the liberal whiners off — they’re completely off their rockers!

The march is scheduled to take place next month. The entire demonstration is focused on opposing President Donald Trump’s policies on both the environment and science.

It is not surprising at all that liberals are upset about common sense being used to deal with science and environmental issues. But, whipping themselves into a frenzy over the use of the word “female” is extreme, even for the radical left.

The tweet was innocent enough, or so the liberals behind the March for Science thought. They intended to encourage young women to become more interested in STEM careers. As a nation, we need more talented and intelligent women AND men exploring these essential fields.

A valiant attempt to break down glass ceilings and end the “gender inequality” left the march organizers shocked and virtually bruised from the vehement social media attacks they were forced to endure by their target audience… “open-minded” and “tolerant” progressives.

Alessondra Springmann, a self-described “anti-colonial intersectional feminist” went on the attack on social media about what the anti-Trump liberals tweeted in their March for Science promotional text. She told them to delete their Twitter account because they were a “colossal waste of carbon.”

Such a reaction should have been expected. The people they were trying to reach, after all, believe you can be born one gender and then just switch to “identify” as another, without even having an operation to remove or add any necessary biological equipment.

In the end, the March for Science promoters completely caved into political correctness — shocker, right? “We’re sorry for any harm we caused. We’re listening and we’re learning,” an apology by the group read.

The apology went on to say they are ever-so-grateful for being enlightened with so much feedback. They also added they understand how important “language” is when it comes to “inclusion.” If only they responded to conservative criticism so well, the country would be a lot better off!

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