Trump Releases Statement On Comey Arrest

James Comey was arrested for suspected treason, says White House Office of Information and Propaganda Director Jeff Derpinger, who released this statement from President Trump on the matter:

“I was deeply troubled to find out that James Comey, who was a disaster as FBI Director — absolutely horrible — had gone way too far in his revenge plot against me. The Justice Department has learned from several contributing agencies that Comey was trying to organize a coup inside the federal government to remove this sitting president from power.

Sorry, Jimbo — Not gonna happen. Your pals will be in jail with you soon enough. When the agency is done with you you’ll beg for a dark hole to crawl into for the rest of your miserable life.”

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Trump has definitely proven it pointless to stand against him with such petty crap and hope you’ll get away with it. Donald Trump runs this county, snowflakes, deal with it.

Sources at the Comey residence say the feds on scene took dozens of boxes, a wall safe they had to cut around to remove and a truckload of devices, presumably all with wifi logs. Considering the President is getting involved and announcing the victory, it seems like it will be a slam-dunk case. Goodbye, James Comey.


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