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Trump Makes HUGE Announcement About The Future Of American News

After lengthy meetings with journalists, editors, lawyers and constitutional scholars, the Trump administration has concluded that they can fight fake news right at the source. With an executive order aimed at the FCC, Trump has ordered that the broadcast licenses of organizations that broadcast the news be revoked unless they pass the muster of a special Presidential Review Panel that will decide if they tell the truth or not.

So far, only Fox News and One America News have made the cut. All of the major networks, CNN, MSNBC and several other small outlets will not be relicensed when the new season starts this fall. A spokesman for CNN said that the test was unfair and biased and that the fact that only outlets that agree with the President are getting renewed is very telling.

Jeff Derpinger of the WHOIP agreed:

It is very telling. It shows you that there is opposition to the president in the form of lies from 99% of the news outlets out there.

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The fake news outlets will have until August 15th to appeal and resubmit with their new format to follow the president in a positive light if they want to remain in business. Derpinger said the newspapers will be the next targets and then before long, they’ll start looking into shutting down the liberals on social media that do nothing but spread lies and mimic what CNN and Rachel Maddow tell them to say all day.