WATCH: How Security Forces Dealt With A Terrorist Who Wanted To Surprise Them

The Israeli Defense Forces released rare video footage Monday evening of a spectacular night raid by a special unit of the Israeli Border Police in the Palestinian town of al-Bira near Ramallah in Samaria.

The images that were taken by a camera mounted on an officer’s helmet show the attempt to arrest Basel al-Araj, a wanted terrorist who was suspected of hiding in his house in al-Bira.

The officers of the elite Yamam Unit of the Border Police can be seen sweeping the house searching for the terrorist when they suddenly come under fire from a ceiling alcove in the upper part of the house.

Miraculously, none of the officers of the Yamam Unit were shot by the terrorist as he fired at them with an automatic weapon from the alcove where he appeared to be hiding.

The video then shows how the officers returned fire and killed al-Arej,who was heading a terrorist cell in the Ramallah area and was planning to carry out attacks against Israelis.

“With the entry of the forces to the area of the arrest, the terrorist opened fire on the soldiers and an exchange of fire occurred in the area,” the IDF said in a statement.

The statement also mentioned that after the elimination of the terrorist, M-16 rifles and a Carlo gun were found in his house.

Palestinian Arabs who witnessed the Yamam raid in al-Bira attacked other Border Police officers who blocked the entrance to the street where al-Arej lived.

Two Arabs were shot and wounded in the ensuing clashes which involved throwing massive stones and the use of teargas and rubber bullets by the Border Police.

The raid in el-Bira was part of a larger operation against Palestinian terrorist organizations across Judea and Samaria that was carried out by the IDF, the Border Police and the Shin Beth, the Israeli Internal Security Agency that is also known by its acronym Shabak (Sherut Bitachon Clali.)

The IDF said that 12 other terrorists were apprehended during the raids in Palestinian towns and villages and that the security forces seized a large amount of money during the operation.

The elimination of al-Araj and the arrests of the other terrorists is part of a continuing war against Palestinian terrorism in Samaria and Judea and the Israeli capital, Jerusalem.

An average of 90 terrorist attacks is recorded in Israel every month.

In its latest report which dealt with Palestinian terror attacks against Israelis in January 2017, the Shabak recorded almost 100 attacks that killed five Israelis and wounded 16 others.

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Of these 98 terrorist acts, 11 were IED attacks (including pipe bombs and improvised grenades); 5 small arms shooting attacks; 1 ramming attack (in Jerusalem); 81 firebomb attacks (14 in Jerusalem) and one shooting attack in the Israeli port city of Haifa.

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