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Obama Had A Remote Hacking Base In Germany

President Donald Trump promised Americans that he will solve every problem. Our country was stuck in the middle of nowhere, and Barack Obama didn’t even move a finger to improve it. The former president had other things on his mind, but luckily he is no longer responsible for our country. But, he won’t get away with the things he did in the past eight years.

People are still talking about Obama’s wiretapping scandal. The former president set up an entire network with the ultimate goal to “catch a few big bugs.” He wiretapped Trump Tower and pretty much every location President Trump goes to. But, President Trump wasn’t the only person Obama targeted. We still don’t know the exact number of Obama’s “victims,” but it’s more than clear that President Trump was his main target.

Obama used the help of his staffers and several major institutions to play his little spy game. The world learned about this, and Obama was caught in one of the biggest scandals ever. Democrats came up with the worst excuse ever and said that Obama only targeted people who seemed to be “dangerous” during the presidential elections.

The former president is out of the Oval Office, and he may face a lawsuit for his illegal actions. Guess what… The wiretapping isn’t the only thing that worries Obama at the moment. WikiLeaks confirmed that Obama spied on several foreign countries, including Germany.

The CIA even used the German facility of Frankfurt to set up its hacking base. WikiLeaks released documents according to which Frankfurt was the remote base for Obama’s spying.

So, Obama won’t get away with this that easily. He has to bear the consequences of his actions, and the clock has started ticking. We can only hope that justice will find its way out. Americans will never forget the terrible things that happened under Obama. It’s time for something good to happen.

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What do you think about the latest information on Obama’s spying? Do you think Obama could end up in jail for spying on foreign countries? How will the whole spy game end?