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Obama In A Rage Over What Trump Just Did To The NAAACP

Barack Hussein Obama has vowed to “turn Donald Trump’s world upside down” after hearing about how Trump dealt with the NAACP in budget negotiations and cabinet meetings. It’s customary for the president to choose the first scholarship winner every year, so after Trump skipped it for the 2017-2018 school year, Obama wanted to know why.

Trump’s people informed him that the President doesn’t believe in organizations that put any one group of people above another, like the KKK, white supremacists, and the NAACP:

All children should have equal opportunity to go to college. To set aside $100 billion in Federal Funds to be given to one group based soleley on the color of their skin is what we have to call, by definition, privilege.

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Trump has therefore ordered the Department of Health and Human Services that they will not fund the NAACP. They are welcome to get private funding if they like.

It only makes sense. The issue of discrimination in this country is overplayed. People should have to fend for themselves at least a little bit, dontcha think? Besides…statistics say people tend to go back to where they came from after college. So what good does that do? Everyone should just be treated the same.