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EXCLUSIVE: No Charges For Clintons Even With New Evidence In Vince Foster’s Murder

FBI Director James Comey has proven once again that he has no intention of being impartial when it comes to investigating Bill and Hillary Clinton. After Vince Foster’s body was exhumed this week and autopsied, his death was reclassified from suicide to homicide.

That information, coupled with a letter sent from a murdered reporter as a dying declaration, more than proves that the Clintons were culpable in Foster’s death. Facts don’t seem to matter to Comey. He told MSNBC:

The Clintons are no more guilty now than they were in 1993. The cause of death is pretty insignificant to the investigation. They were in the White House at the time Foster died and while they weren’t tested, interviewd or ever treated as persons of interest, we did procure an alibi from the Secret Service that they never left the residence that night.

There is not, nor was there ever, enough evidence to connect the former first couple to any conspiracy to kill anyone.

Basically, Comey is saying he won’t even bother looking at new evidence, which is the biggest break in a case the FBI has investigated in years.

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President Trump displayed disappointment at the news but hasn’t made a statement. Jeff Derpinger of the WHOIP eluded to changes being made at the nation’s highest crime-fighting agency.

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