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BREAKING: New De-Classified Benghazi Docs Show 6 Deaths, Who They Are And How It Was Covered Up

Documents marked eyes only with codeword clearance were de-classified from Obama’s stack of executive privilege folders today, showing that there was an even bigger cover-up in Benghazi than originally reported. It would appear that 2 more people, CIA assets in the field, were killed trying to defend Ambassador Stevens and the rest of the innocents at the annex that night.

General Tom Hammond at Cheyenne Mountain says the existence of the men was deemed classified for the benefit of national security. We’ve learned that they were classified for the benefit of Hillary Clinton.

These men, Whose names can’t be used in print by Federal law because they have stars on the CIA’s revered wall of honor, were in Benghazi working for the state department the day before the attacks, selling weapons to the very people who attacked the compound.

This new revelation is certainly a game changer. We’ll see what excuse Hillary Clinton can come up with for an entire recorded conversation of her own people making deals for M-3 assault rifles, Sidewinder missiles, mortars, and RPGs. We all know the result of the mortars.

Basically, this is the smoking gun. Clinton’s lawyers are already trying to squash it for the “benefit of the families,” but that won’t work. Not only are these two men part of the reason they had advanced weaponry, they’re also part of the reason the annex was targeted after the Ambassador had already been killed.

President Trump’s office released the following:

Hillary’s guys were the reason for that attack. They were there to deal arms. The buyers only bought half of what they ordered. They came in the night to steal the other half. God bless these brave men who kept them out and saved so many lives and as for the two, well…they were just following orders and they gave their lives protecting a pile of heavy weaponry.

Still it’s obvious that this must be investigated and we have to start wondering when we need to look at the guy calling the shots at the time too.

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An obvious shot at Obama. Good. He needs to be investigated. In light of this new evidence, we the people of the United States hereby demand Clinton and Obama both be investigated and tried for war crimes and treason!