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Moments Before Leaving DC, Obama found SICK way to STAB Trump In the Back One Final Time

Now I want all of y’all to take a moment to let this sink in: Barack Obama is no longer America’s President!

Feel better? Good, because here comes the nasty part. Obama decided to drop one final hit at President Trump on his way OUT of Washington DC when he spoke to his staff one final time.

He said in his FIRST speech as a pedestrian again that Donald Trump and OUR movement are nothing more than a “Roadblock” or a “Comma” in American history.

“This is just a, this is justa, little pit stop. This is, uh, this is not a period, this is a comma, in the continuing story of building America.”

No, Obama, we are NOT just a “Comma” in American history, we ARE America. We are writing its history, not you!

These are just the words of a petty and jealous man who bet his entire legacy on Hillary Clinton and lost BIG TIME. I’d say most Americans are gonna be glad to see you gone, EX-President Obama.

However, Trump was nothing but pure class today. Despite all the HORRIBLE things Obama has said and done, he still found it in his heart to give them a special farewell gift.

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GOD BLESS YOU, DONALD TRUMP! You are truly an American president BY the People and FOR the People. (H/T – Daily Mail)