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Michelle Obama FIRED From Her First Post-White House Job

Former Worst Lady in the history of the United States and part-time gorilla impersonator, Michelle Obama, has just been fired from her first post-White House job! Michelle, who started consulting for a top Washington D.C. law firm just two months ago, was BUSTED stealing toilet paper and office supplies from the office store room by a senior partner who noticed suspicious activity and subsequently reviewed surveillance tapes.

Their head security guard, who asked only to be named as “Todd” confirmed the firing earlier this morning.  She was called in on her day off and quietly escorted off the property without incident.

Michelle Obama being escorted out of the building while hiding her face with a hood.

According to a concerned source close to the Obamas, who says she reached out to us because she wants Americans to know the truth about this farce of a supposedly “perfect” family:

She [Michelle] has always been a kleptomaniac. She’ll steal anything not nailed down, even from people she knows. They’ve lost a lot of friends that way. It’s yet another dark secret they hide from the world. She’s been caught before, but charges never stick because of their power and connections. I don’t think it’s right. No one should be above the law.

So, let me get this straight… the Obamas, who charge disgustingly high prices for their stupid speeches and gallivant all over the world on luxurious vacations and buy multi-million dollar mansions (probably with money they pilfered from us) can’t buy their own freaking toilet paper?! And, not only that, but she’s been a thief for decades and no one is even trying to stop her?

Is there nothing that this lawless criminal family can’t get away with? Her power-hungry, narcissistic husband already tried to take our guns, let perverted grown men terrify (or worse!) little girls in the restroom and destroy the very fabric of our country. When will it be enough for these animals?

At least she got fired I guess. But you won’t hear about ANY of this on the lying liberal mainstream media.

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