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Libtard Hero Lena Dunham’s Grandma Arrested For Stealing Booze And Candy

The maternal grandmother of liberal television star and Planned Parenthood supporter Lena Dunham has been arrested in New York City for shoplifting, according to sources close to the actress. Dunham’s grandmother, Rose, was reportedly apprehended by a clerk earlier this evening in a neighborhood convenience store while trying to steal a bottle of tequila as well as several candy bars.

She was held in a bathroom until police arrived on the scene, at which time a short struggle ensued before she was taken into custody.

Dunham, best known for her “feminist” show Girls, which depicts young women as brain-dead sex-crazed alcoholic drug addicts, has been in the news recently after dumping her rescue dog and lying about the reasons why. The shelter where she adopted the pooch denies the animal had any behavioral issues and insists Dunham’s excuses for abandoning him are bogus.

Of course, what else would you expect from someone who does disgusting things, like this gag-worthy display:

LEFT: Dunham wearing a revolting uterus sweater. RIGHT: Dunham posted this vile photo on Instagram recently. We took the liberty of adding extra coverage, but it says “Lena Loves Planned Parenthood” across her bare chest.

Wow, what a sick person! And now it looks pretty apparent that her grandma is one of the people who taught her to be so horrible.

Dunham’s grandmother is still in police custody, but according to our source, an unidentified family member will likely post bail within the next few hours. She is expected to be charged with shoplifting and resisting arrest.

This is a breaking story, but Flash News Corner will be following future developments closely. Check back often for the most recent information in this explosive scoop.

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