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‘Liberal’ College Sorority Under Investigation After Sick ‘Abortion Contest’ Goes Public

Kappa Kappa Lambda, an elite sorority on American campuses, has come under fire after one of their chapters, from the University of North Dakota Piedmont, held an “abortion contest” for a cash prize. The winner, a 20-year-old woman from South Dakota named Peggy Alvaro, took more than $5K when she showed prescriptions for Plan B abortions and medical releases for clinical abortions.

All told, during the 2016-2017 school year, Alvaro murdered 19 children. The runner-up, who only killed 11 children, came close on points because one of hers was a “second trimester” that “scored a bonus for having a name and a baby shower.”

The county prosecutor in Piedmont is looking into the contest to see if there’s anything that can be done legally, but because the women are all over 18 and none went past the 22-week mark set by Roe v. Wade, there may be no justice coming for the poor little souls of Hynesbury Street, which is what the locals have dubbed the collection of murder victims at the big white Greek house on the corner.

Neighbors left candles, balloons, and stuffed animals as a tribute to the dead on the sorority’s doorstep:

The University has already responded that the girls who attend are either adults or emancipated minors. They don’t actively engage in the monitoring of their sex lives nor do they investigate them for doing something allowed by law.

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Let that be a lesson to you, conservatives. College is nothing but a waste of money on loans and an education on how to hate your country. Teach your children to run the family business. Mine will.