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Jones: Obama Hired Kenyan WITCH Doctors to Read Trump’s Mind

Although FBI Director James Comey has stated there is no evidence showing that President Barack Obama ordered the wiretapping of Trump Towers, right wingers won’t let the story die.

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones thinks that Obama was using supernatural means to monitor Trump.

“My sources in the CIA tell me Obama had a team of Kenyan witch doctors on the payroll who were trying to read Trump’s mind,” said Jones on his show “InfoWars.”

Jones promotes several conspiracy theories such as the government is putting chemicals in orange juice that turn men gay and the Sandy Hook school shooting was a false flag operation. But the CIA did carry out experiments in the 1970s where the attempted to train psychics to spy on America’s enemies.

However, Jones isn’t the only Republican still convinced that Obama was monitoring Trump, even though they have no evidence to show this. According to Media Matters, FOX News commentator Sean Hannity also won’t let the story go.

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“And the general news media today, ‘It’s a bad day for Trump, after all, they said that’ — no evidence that they — that Obama wiretapped Trump Tower. Well, that doesn’t mean they didn’t surveil Trump Tower. That doesn’t debunk the story we’ve had for ten days, that in fact, as part of the investigation, that we had corroborated two weeks ago on this program,” said Hannity on his radio show.