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OH MY GOD! John Mccain Just Betrayed America! His Secret Donor Just Leaked and it Will RUIN His Life!

Senator John McCain was answering questions from reporters and a reporter EXPOSED his $1 million donations from the government of Saudi Arabia. McCain CUT OFF the reporter before the question was finished. 

The money was given to a non-profit that is in his name, but McCain pretended like he has nothing to do with this non-profit… But it is ILLEGAL for foreign governments to donate to U.S. politicians.

This comes just DAYS after it was revealed that McCain sent a letter to Russia in 2008 asking for donations. This SICK corruption is starting to catch up with him!

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This should come as no surprise! McCain secretly flew to Syria just a couple weeks ago to meet with radical rebels!

He is trying to run a shadow presidency and he finally got called out!

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