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BREAKING: James Comey Caught In Rio With A Male Prostitute

James Comey, servant of the Clintons and powerful front man for their shadow government, spent a night in January of 2014 in Rio de Janeiro the press will not let him forget. LLOD reporter Marcus “Skip” Tetheluda was in contact with one of Comey’s aides who confirmed that Comey spent a night, funded by the Clintons, in a room in Rio with a male prostitute and that there was not only visual evidence but a paper trail as well.

Tetheluda told us over the phone:

It’s a real clusterf*ck for Comey. Nobody really cares besides his wife and God who he sleeps with, but the fact that he was treated to Sodomy by a woman who was at the time campaigning for President? That’s a big deal. We’re talking about the head of the FBI here. Our sources are also saying Comey was on the plane with Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch. More on that when I get back.

There are definite reasons why all of this new fake Russia “evidence” has come out. The liberals are trying to shield the truth from the public that they are godless heathens who only care for themselves and the people who need free things to earn their vote. The truth is out. The jig is up.

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