Friendly Card Game Turns Deadly On Capitol Hill-1 Congressman, 2 Aides Killed

Congressman Joseph Broney (D-Nevada) was shot and killed inside the Capitol building this afternoon in an incident the Capitol police on immediately to keep hush-hush. LOTF affiliate LLOD’s Skip Tetheluda was on location when three shots were fired, noting that they sounded little more than pops from books dropping:

“If you’ve ever been in the rotunda, it’s massive. The acoustics are amazing. the dome eats decibals. It’s where they go for one glorious ride before they die. The three shots were quick, followed by a short scream and then a code 2 lockdown of the building happened for about half an hour.”

A code 2 lockdown is an unknown threat; shelter in place. Once it was determined that there was no active shooter, Skip stayed in the closet he was in while police cleared the press from the building. Apparently, the two aides who were killed were aides to Republican Congressman Mark DeLine, who the leadership needs to press some of the hard-right conservatives to back away from Trump policies.

Now they’re trying to avoid having to explain why two armed professionals from Texas were man-handled, disarmed and shot after being cheated by a guy who grew up on the wrong side of the tracks in Jersey City. The only info we have as of now is that Broney played a less-than-honest game of poker and was called on it. When the aides came at him, he used his military experience to disarm and then kill them both. When he realized what had happened, he turned the gun on himself.

It looks like there may finally be some dead people in Washington that aren’t connected to the Clintons.

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When the dust settles we’ll be close to the front of the line for a statement on this developing news.

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