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BREAKING: Fox News Just Replaced Bill O’Reilly

Fox News has been operating without the man who put them on the map for weeks now with no announcement of who would replace him. Bill O’Reilly, star of the O’Reilly Factor and the highest rated cable news anchor of all time, finally has a successor: Conservative bombshell and firecracker Tomi Lahren.

Lahren, who has taken some heat for her stance on abortion, assured Fox that no matter what her critics say, she is in line with 99 percent of conservative ideals. “I’m way more conservative than Megyn Kelly ever was,” she said in an interview with Vogue, “I said one thing and was taken out of context. I think a woman should be able to choose. I also think that choice could send her to hell and that she should have to pay for it here as well. If you don’t want a kid, fine, but you should spend some time behind bars if you kill it.”

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Lahren will reportedly take over the 9 PM hour and Hannity will slide into the 8 PM slot previously held by O’Reilly. O’Reilly’s spokesman says he wishes Lahren well and that she has “exactly what the audience at Fox is looking for in a female anchor.”