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FIRST EVER Pictures Of Hillary’s Lover–She Hasn’t Been With Bill Since The 90s

Hillary Clinton has finally admitted in an article soon to be released in Vanity Fair that she hasn’t been intimate with her husband Bill in more than 20 years. While the news may come as a surprise for some, others have seen them as a power couple staying married for convenience since the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke.

LLOD reporter Skip Tetheluda was able to work an inside source and get a few photos of Clinton’s lover a full week before they are set to be released:

Yes, it’s true…Hillary Clinton is a lesbian. Her lover, pictured with her above at a bar in San Francisco, is 47-year-old Macy Greenwood of California. The two met in the 90s when Clinton was First Lady and Greenwood her intern. They are now admitting that they began a relationship on the night they found out that the stain on the blue dress was real.

Greenwood has tried to lead a private life and has done a great job of keeping away from the press. Now that the Clintons have walked away from public life, the two lovebirds can go off and worship rainbow flags and unicorns together while the country continues to find the answers to the questions she left behind about Benghazi, Whitewater and the more than 40 people she’s killed.

Here’s a picture of Macy from the upcoming Vanity Fair article:

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She looks great for her age. Hillary had better keep her away from Bill. She might choose to be straight again.