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BREAKING: Elizabeth Warren’s Granddaughter BUSTED Selling Drugs In NYC

In yet another example of the hypocritical left, the liberal champion Elizabeth Warren’s granddaughter was just arrested in New York City selling the popular street drug, ecstasy — or “Molly” as the kids call it these days.

Senator Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts is best known for her long boring speeches to Congress about “MILLIONAIRES AND BILLIONAIRES AND IT’S SO UNFAIR SO GIVE EVERYONE FREE STUFF…WAAAAAH” (or is that the old man socialist lunatic…I get them confused) and lying about her NOT Native-American heritage. It looks like the immoral behavior runs in the family, as usual.

According to a New York City Police Department spokesperson, Warren’s teenage granddaughter, Chloe (her last name has not been released at this time), was arrested on unspecified drug charges in the Flatiron District after a concerned neighbor called police and reported a young woman acting suspiciously in front of her apartment building. The teen was picked up shortly after 11AM and remains in custody.

The neighbor, who has asked us to conceal her identity for fear of retribution from the criminal Democrats, also witnessed something even more alarming and despicable:

I’ve lived in this city my whole life, so I could tell she [Chloe] was selling drugs…or maybe not selling them, but exchanging something for them. I didn’t see any money change hands. I saw her take several men into the alley though. It’s not too hard to figure out what was going on — nothing good ever goes on back there!

So, not only was Warren’s granddaughter selling drugs, but she was probably prostituting herself as well. Not that any disgusting thing could possibly surprise us coming from these godless heathens.

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We are following this developing investigation closely. Please check back to Flash News Corner often for updates on this breaking story.