BREAKING: Comey Takes New Job Just To Screw Trump

James Comey wasted no time moving on after being fired as Director of the FBI. After three years of a ten-year appointment, our President lost faith in Comey’s ability to objectively run the bureau, making him the first in his position to ever be let go for incompetence. Now the administration is beginning to wonder if that incompetence wasn’t on purpose after seeing where he’s landed a new job.

Comey signed on with an organization officially called “One World for Peace,” which is nothing but a cover for Barack Obama’s Deep State shadow government. Obama hired Comey personally to oversee the legal issues facing both the organization as it attempts to diffuse the power of the Trump administration and Hillary Clinton as she will undoubtedly be facing off against Trump over her email scandal.

Obama’s spokesman told CNN:

We are pleased to have James on board. He will provide much-needed insight into the current political climate and the legal issues facing those opposed to Trump’s fascism.

There they go with that “fascism” word again. Democrats love to use it to describe what happens when people start getting their freedoms back. Comey, who is a registered Republican, was appointed to head the FBI by Obama and has said on many occasions that he hasn’t voted with his party in years. The knowledge he has of the Clinton case alone makes him a formidable opponent for Trump’s Justice Department.

Jeff Derpinger of the White House OIP told Breitbart:

For Comey to run immediately to Obama to help run a shadow government shows that the president made the right decision. A lot of what Comey knows is classified, so we’ll be watching very closely to see what information comes out that shouldn’t.

When asked about the new hire and the possibility of leaked classified information, Obama told reporters that he wasn’t worried since both he and Secretary Clinton have codeword clearance.

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To counter the move, Trump has called on GOP bulldog Trey Gowdy to launch an investigation into how close Comey may have been with Obama and Clinton during the investigation he basically put an end to without charging anyone for the crimes they committed.


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