BREAKING: Clinton/Lynch Pilot Dimitri Noonan Is Alive!

The US Marshals today acknowledged that they have taken custody of Dimitri Noonan, the pilot who flew Loretta Lynch’s plane and recorded her conversation with Bill Clinton and Speaker Paul Ryan. Noonan has been placed in WITSEC DK, which means only the two agents who have him know where he is.

Noonan’s recording of the incident was received by investigators on a thumb drive but without Noonan’s testimony to authenticate it, anyone could have made it. That pushed Noonan to come out of hiding.

The interview with Fox News on July 28th is still a go but it will be held in a secure location with one reporter and a simple camera. Noonan is, as he should be, in fear for his life. According to his case officer, the assassination attempts on him were very real and very frightening for him. His case is only the 8th time in the history of the service that the Marshals have gone dark.

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When all of this is over, Dimitri Noonan may want to do himself a favor and take the money from the interview and probably a book deal and make it like he never existed. With those kinds of resources, he can probably afford to have himself wiped from the record.

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