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Clinton Foundation Provided New Lives And Bank Accounts For Some Very Bad People

During Obama’s second term, Hillary Clinton’s job was run for president. Her other job was to use her family’s billion-dollar charity along with hundreds of millions in federal grants, to do side work for her criminal buddy Barack Obama.

A new investigation into the Clinton Foundation has found that one of its “humanitarian” efforts, paid for by the US government, was the relocation of detainees from GITMO with new lives, identities and bank accounts in the hundreds of thousands each. They were sent back to their region as “enlightened” men who would no longer practice the “violent and misunderstood version of Islam peddled by madmen.”

Basically, they convinced their captors that they’re good little Muslims and got rewarded with upper-middle-class lives in foreign countries, many of which are our allies. None were sent back to their home or the country they were captured in.

The act of giving these men money and new identities is nothing short of directly supporting terrorism. We have already confirmed that more than 30 of these men turned those bank accounts over to ISIS and pledged their allegiance to the destruction of western civilization.

Now a real president will have to step in and fix the problem. Trump’s plan to destroy ISIS should kick into high gear anytime now that the Iraqi army has mostly defeated them in Mosul.

Christopher Blair, spokesman for the Clintons, told reporters:

“You idiots, this was all a part of an operation that ended before Trump became president. The men were released and tracked, and when they inevitably went to ISIS their accounts were seized and they were targeted , mostly by drones; some by sniper, and eliminated along with more than a dozen high-value targets.

Do yourselves a favor and read something besides Trump’s Twitter feed.”

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There is no confirmation that what he says is true and even if there was, isn’t that a long way to go to get a few terrorists? How do we know they didn’t send the money before they went back to blowing people up full time? How much did we spend and how much was seized? There need to be hearings. Trey Gowdy says he’ll tack it on to the fall session of the Committee to Convict Clinton.